24 April, Woodward Street, Austin, Texas, USA, 11:20pm

It has been ten days since I last blogged and for good reason. I've been living the good life, in the sun, back in Texas. I think that when you go traveling, you always hope to find a place that you love and feel right at home in. And without me really realising, Austin, the state capital of Texas has become that place. For the past ten days I've been relaxing, cooking food in a real kitchen, not worrying about when I have to catch my next bus or train or where I'm going to be sleeping the next night. I'm staying in an apartment on the south side of the city, a 10 minute trip to downtown Austin with a real live Texan whom I met around five weeks ago in a line waiting to get into a Bright Eyes show at SXSW.

you are an airplane - video shoot

I can't really break down each day from my time back here but I've gone swimming out in Barton Springs, in the river, (no turtles on show this time) I've gone splashing about in the amazing looking Hamilton Pool which is an ancient grotto with an astoundingly beautiful setting. I went up to the NW of Austin to Lakeway Resort where I hung out with Lindseys sister and cousins and an aunt, uncle and parents and we all wen sliding down a waterslide, sat in a hot-tub and also went out onto the lake and tried to wakeboard. Some of the guys did it really well but three of us, including me, just repeatedly got a bellyful of lakewater. Our tubing, being dragged at about 25mph behind a boat, was better but did leave us with rather painful shoulders. I've also been to a housewarming party where one of the highlights was brisket, barbequed for 7 hours until it simply melted in the mouth; and eating some fantastic food that Lindsey often brings home at night from the restaurant she works in. Buttermilk Pie is a reason alone, to stay in Texas a long time!

buttermilk pie - from east side cafe

I haven't been neglecting my music photography though. I've been doing lots of networking and finding some interesting bands and musicans. I've done photos with the likes of Tin Can Phone, some more photos and videos with You Are An Airplane, a band I first found during SXSW. Lots more stuff coming up before I head to New Orleans in two weeks time, including shooting Mumford and Sons and also Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on the Rainroad revival Tour.

Tin Can Phone - 501 Studios

Lots of photos being added to the collection and some videos been made which will soon be online for people to watch once the bands are ready to release them. 
It's a Monday morning as I finish up this blog post and whilst everyone back home in Dublin are enjoying a day off work due to the Easter bank holiday, I'm going to spend the day lounging about in the sun, reading books, listening to music and editing photos and videos. (and eating lots of leftover restaurant food)

you are an airplane


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