17 August 2011 - Austin Texas

One of the great joys about having 1 year off work is the freedom to not have to shave every morning, and one of the great things about being in Texas is the freedom to have ridiculous looking facial hair.

Anyway, back to the travel blog that is being terribly neglected. I've been spending my days seeing some of the best places in Texas, from the Lost Mines Hike, in Big Bend National Park to swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, beside Port Aransas, with bottle nose dolphins all around & chasing literally thousands on tiny fiddler crabs on the beaches. And then yesterday a trip to every childs dream, a massive watermark, Schlitterbahn, where you spend the whole day, in 100+ F (that's 39C) weather, splashing around, floating down rapids, and zooming down watersides like an excited 10 year old.

Tomorrow is a weird town called Fredericksburg which is a little slice of Germany in the heart of the Texas countryside. It's a wine growing & farming region where everything has a German name or theme. So two days living in an old Feed Mill, will be followed by me packing my bags once again and heading off on a 8,500 mile trip to Australia, for a whole new adventure...

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