13 May, Gate B3, Midway Airport, Chicago, USA, 10:50am

Part one of the American adventure is just about to end. Over 3 months ago I started in the south, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Perú then flew up to Texas via Mexico city, went all the way up to Canada, then back down the USA and now todat I flew from Austin, Texas, to Houston, to Chicago and soon I'll be flying to Newark right beside New York. From there it's a 4 1/2 hour overnight flight to the ice and snow and rain filled Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Really don't know what to expect there, apart form the temperature being a whole lot colder than Texas.


I've spent the past few days in Texas taking it pretty easy. I've been working on my new look website that is finally online, showing off my photos and videos with a lot more style than any website I've previously had. It's been run through the services of digitalphotogallery.com which is run by another music photographer. It's not yet the final design and there's lots more galleries to be added to it, loads of new and old photos and also unseen videos which will go up there soon. But I've also been making plans of what and where I'l be traveling to after Iceland and then my week back in Ireland and I can't wait.....

suburbia of chicago

morning in houston

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