17 March, Café Crépe, Austin, Texas, USA – 12:32pm

Arriving in Austin at lunch time on a Sunday, I take a long walk from the local bus that brought me from the Greyhound terminal on the outskirts of town, to my hostel, situated righ by Lady Bird Lake on the south of the city. I take a trip into the city and take a look around the downtown area but don't register for my SXSW badge in time so have an evening of chilling out. The hostel is very different fromthose in South America. Most of the people there are only staying for a few days whilst they attend the festival, think I may be the only backpacker on a long trip staying there.

The next couple of days, up until today, St Patricks day have been pretty crazy. SXSW is an enormous festival, more bands, more venues, more media, more streets closed off, more free tacos and ice-cream and beer, more free t-shirts, more iphones, more of everything thta makes it completely insane in it's scale. I've seen numerous bands playing lots of venues from an old country singers house (for an MTV taping of Cults) to Lance Armstrongs bike shop (for UK band Yuck) to Stubbs BBQ for an insanely packed photo pit there for James Blake. Took a trip up to 36th Street to meet Norwich band Fever Fever, who had to skip their set due to no backline. But it's impossible to separate the days as it's a constant stream of music in the streets and in the bars. I'll have a huge hap of photos by the end of the week and hopefully lots of new music contacts made but now it's off form eating ice-cream and coffee for breakfast to shoot some more bands and listen to some more brilliant (or terrible) new music.

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