7 March, Cruz Del Sur Bus terminal – Cusco, Perú – 6:05pm

A few memories from the past week that I want to put down so I don't forget them. I'm sitting in a luxurious bus seat (number 7, for those who are taking notes) (also, whilst having a first listen to the new R.E.M. Album, Collapse Into Now) just about to leave for the capital Lima.

  • Canadian maths professor, sitting in a tent with rain pouring outside at 4am in the morning, with a pancake in front of him, putting in his contact lenses, telling how he had just got lost on the way to the toilets when he 'desperately needed a dump'
  • A male llama, bleating loudly, chasing a female llama up a really narrow path beside the Machu Picchu Sun Gate, beside a huge drop whilst hoardes of poncho'd masses recovered from 42km of walking up mountains.
  • A group of about 15 male dogs on the cobbled, hilly streets of Cusco, following and having their way with one tiny female dog whilst groups of tourists stood watching in shock and laughter.
  • Being constantly asked on the streets of both Aguas Calientes and Cusco, 'Hola amigo, massage?'
  • Drinking excessive amounts of coca tea and hoping it's not too addictive as it won't be possible to drink it anywhere outside South America.
  • Sitting on a small horse whilst a tiny Peruvian cowboy leads me into the hills
  • Racing along in a minibus in the dark, over mud tracks, on the way back from Machu Picchu because the road has fallen into a river.

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