28 February 2011, Pariwana Backpacker – Cusco, Perú – 8:43pm

So all the worry about danger and the biggest problem I've run into so far is Irish Banks! People who told me they were worried about kidnapping, robbery, jumping out of planes, nope, what has stopped me today is the Irish banks. I can't withdraw any money from my AIB credit or debit cards. I can't withdraw more than a really low limit on my backup card. And AIB's only suggestion to me, send myself money via western union and then pick it up here. But their security measures mean money can't be sent to Peru from Irish cards, only if I'm doing it from Ireland, aaarrggghhhh. Any rich Peruvians reading this, drop over to me with a bag of cash & coca leaves please :-)


  1. Hey James,

    Did you find a solution to this? Myself and my boyfriend are in Arequipa at the moment and have the same problem. AIB suck!


  2. solution was to get the parents to send me cash via western union. Or the other option is to find a friendly traveler and give them money via paypal and ask them to give you cash?