26 March, Austin International Airport, Texas, USA – 4:05pm

Austin is a city that I could easily see myself living in. It's full of fantastic food, great music, amazing weather and the people are as warm and friendly as anywhere in the world. For the past couple of days I've had time to relax. I squeezed in a photoshoot of the Phoenix/Austin/New Orleans band, You Are An Airplane. I've visited some great places to eat, Thai, Mexican and classic American breakfast restaurants. Yesterday I spent three hours floating down the Guadalupe river in Austin on a toob (a huge truck inner tube) drinking beer in the sun with Lindsey and her friend Julie, discussing every conceivable subject. Lets just say Austin people are not as reserved as one might think of the stereotypical deep religious American. One of the things I do love about America and Austin specifically is the food culture, spending time having amazing pancakes and eggs or breakfast tacos whilst listening to great music with genuine waiting staff looking after you. Something I could never get tired of. 

lady bird lake, austin, texas


as close as i got to missing home

a goat and an american (featuring a pancake stomach ache)

austin airport, gate 9, 3 hour wait

But now it's off to the cold for a few days, up to Puyallup, outside Seattle to see some family, maybe my first trip into Canada and then from there I'll be heading back south, down the Californian coast, hopefully finding some great musicians, places, people on the way.
But as for Austin, I'll be back.

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