20 March, Radisson Hotel, Austin, Texas, USA – 6:50pm

fever fever, from Norwich, at Waterloo Cycles, Austin, Texas

james vincent mcmorrow, austin texas

Once again, a blog entry that is a blend of several days together. Nights here regularly end past 3am and then the music starts at 12 midday. Austin, Texas and SXSW truly are unique. I spent so much time in lines (that's queues to you and me) chatting to other music fans, people from all around the world and from Austin itself. It's an incredibly friendly place to be. And the fact that most venues you walk into start you off with a free t-shirt and some free beer only adds to the crazy week I've had.
Some of the highlights have been hanging out with Fever Fever, from Norwich in the UK, with tales of seedy bike shop owners, missing equipment and James Vincent McMorrow, a ridiculously talented singer from back home who has played loads of shows here, from massive convention centre halls to 80's nightclub dry ice filled venues. You get to meet so many people who work in the music industry, from bookers, promoters, managers to photographers, bloggers and innumerable band members. The whole event winds down on the last Sunday so today has been nothing more than sitting in a lobby, editing up all my photos for the Independent article due for next week and all the shots for state.ie.

Still not sure where my travels will take me from here, possibly up to cold Seattle and then work my way back down the west coast, dropping in on some of the contacts I've made in the past week and doing a bit of touristy sightseeing.

Until then, there's still time to squeeze in some barbeque and enjoying my last few days of Texas hospitality.

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