24 February 2011, 50km east of Santiago – Chile – 6:51pm

The past few days have gloriously, not much more than eating, trying to surf and lying on a beach. On Tuesday I got up and went with Daniel down to Punta de Lobos with my camera to shoot some pictures of the surfing & the sea & beach, did a little bit of video too which I may edit into a 2 minute mini-film. After lunch we all head out to rent boards and wetsuits, a bit of Gabby negotiating and we eventually get 24 hours hire for Ch$5000/€7.59

Lots of splashing and paddling and getting wet and eventually I catch one wave and stand up and do what I consider to be surfing. The luck doesn't return and although enjoying it, I think I need a lot more swimming & surfing practice. That night with Gabby & Daniel, Yael, Julián, Juan & Maria, we get some meat and do an amazing assado back in our lodge. The owners still aren't there so we feel like it's simply someones home.

The next day, we head down for a little more early surfing before a lunch of whatever cheap foods we managed to buy. A bit of napping, travel planning and I pop down to the amazing, deserted beach to watch the sun set over Punta de Lobos & the south pacific.

Another amazing breakfast of cereals, toast, mini-pancakes, smoothies, coffee and tea and one final morning of sitting on the beach, watching some of the others try a bit more surfing, conditions weren't perfect though. So back to the bus station for my trip back to Santiago.

Currently, this blog is being written on the bus back to the capital to hopefully shoot a gig this evening, if the bus ever gets there, (note: never get the bus from Pichilemu to Santiago via San Fernando, it takes forever)

Got back into the sprawling metropolis eventually, buy my bus ticket for my (1663km) trip to Arica in the north tomorrow, check into the Aconcagua Hostel and set off into the night with my camera for some Chilean rock photography...

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