14 Febuary – Hostel Tango, Buenos Aires, Argentina – 10:43pm

The first part of my trip is coming to an end; On my first day in Argentina, I met up the guys from the band, Los Reyes del Falsete and today I spent some time in the rather brilliant Estudio Panda, as they recorded tracks for the upcoming album. A bit of video making was done too and the results of that will be available once the track has vocals and is mixed and mastered.

And before that I said goodbye to the fellow travelers I met my first night in my first hostel, We'd spent about 10 days in Buenos Aires, traveling about 2000 miles together, to Uruguay and then up to Puerto Igazú and the amazing falls & then all the way back again. So tomorrow I'm off to the Tigre Delta, just north of Buenos Aires to do some kayaking and maybe some horse riding, before jumping on a 1000km bus journey to Mendoza in Western Argentina, on the Chilean border.

Happy Valentines Day – I love you Argentina.
me & australian tim in la boca
Omer, me, Anne - at Igazú Falls, Argentina
the lizard i shot

shooting a lizard   

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