12 February 2011 – two hours south of Peurto Iguazú – NW Argentina – 4:35pm

Back on a huge bus ride again after some glorious times in the sub tropical Puerto Igazú. We arrived on a thursday evening and Omer (from Israel), a fellow traveler we met on the bus promised us he use his cooking skills to make dinner. So off to the Supermercado to pick up some not very fresh vegetables and some meat. What better way to show of my Irishness than by peeling potatoes for dinner. A meatball, tomato based stew concoction and some beers made for a brilliant evening of sitting around talking about all the various places in the world we were from. The following morning, Omer, Anne and myself are up before 8am for the short bus ride to Igazú National Park and a day of wandering around looking at the most incredible waterfalls, getting soaked by said falls, swimming in a pool being showered by a stunning waterfall. Lots of insect and animal spotting during our walk around the park, followed by a very sleepy bus ride back to the hostel for ice-cream & a rather poor attempt at a barbecue, though seeing some of heaviest tropical rain I've ever seen was pretty impressive. Lots of wine, talks of religion and cracking knuckles and annoying a french girl were the highlights of the evening.

So then this morning, I have to decide where my travels will bring me to next. Slightly overcast weather and the prospect of doing nothing all day mean I decide to hop on the 16 hour Andesmar bus ride (2:15pm to 9:30am) back down to Buenos Aires where I can spend a day looking around museums and getting ready for a day in the studio with Los Reyes Del Falsette for their album recording. Myself, Omer, Anne & Larissa say goodbye to Verity & Rosie and set off; It's going to be a long night on a bus, but I guess that's what I signed up for when expecting to cover a continent in a month. Right now I already have plans to come back and stay longer and try to learn to speak Spanish fluently 
Omer under one of the waterfall at Iagazú Falls

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