10 February 2011 – an hours drive north of Puerto Rico, N.W. Argentina – 15:41am

The soil is red, giant dragonflies fluttering around outside the fly splattered bus window, it's starting to look slightly like Jungle in the distance. We cross bridges over wide brown rivers, with small shack like structures sitting meters from the water. I finally feel like I am thousands of miles from home; so little of what I'm passing by is the same as what I familiar with. It's the reason I've come out to travel, Tomorrow I'll be in a rainforest, with the chance of seeing wild big cats, hanging out with other travelers, like Homer from Israel & Anne from Denmark, people who come from very different places but have similar outlooks to me on what travel is all about. On Monday I'll most likely be in one of South Americas best recording studios with a Buenos Aires band as they record their new album. Unless that is I get eaten by a Jaguar beside a waterfall tomorrow in which case, adios....

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