day 2 - why i'm going around the world

Right now as I sit in cold Dublin, planning places to go, people to meet, bands to shoot, I thought I should put down some of my reasons for wanting to travel the globe with a camera. I'm pretty sure that in a years time, some of expectations will have been surpassed, some will have left by the wayside and other things will happen I haven't foreseen.

1 - The music. I truly believe that music is one of the greatest unifying forces for people. Great songs being sung by great performers are something that people all around the world will always want to see
2 - The people - Are people really all that different in different countries? Yes, we all have our background cultures but we all want pretty much the same things and enjoy meeting new people
3 - The places - from glacier covered mountains in south america, sunny beaches in Ireland, baking deserts in India, the David Attenborough in me needs to get out and experience all the places that are on offer to us humans.

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